an experimental project on the Base network, blending memes, memecoins, NFTs, and buyback&burn mechanisms. Our endeavor is to immortalize the ever-evolving spirit of meme culture into a digital card anthology, preserved on the blockchain to ensure enjoyment for generations to come.


Pokememe has emerged as an experimental endeavor crafted to celebrate the ever-evolving universe of memecoins and memes. With a singular mission: to immortalize all beloved memes through a distinctive card collection on the blockchain, valuing each memetic masterpiece and giving them the recognition they deserve.In alignment with this mission, all generated revenues will be allocated as follows:
🔥 50% buyback&burn of the memecoin of the respective card
🔥 50% buyback&burn of ꝑome
Pokememe not only pays homage to the vibrant meme culture but also actively engages and rewards the meme community, serving as a tool to further enhance the value of each individual's beloved memecoin.

ꝐOME token

$POME keeps it real — no taxes, no drama, no BS. Total supply 1025 million, 90% into the uniswap LP on the base chain, while 10% is burned. LP tokens? Toasted. Contract ownership? Renounced.
Let the degeneracy begin!

how to buy

get a wallet
download Metamask, Trust Wallet, or any other wallet you fancy. Add the Base Network to your wallet.

get some base eth
got some wrapped ETH to swap for POME? If not, bridge some on Metamask, Bitget Wallet or your favorite exchange and send it to your wallet.

get ready to swap
head over to, connect your wallet, paste the $POME contract address, choose Pokememe, and hit confirm. Sign when your wallet prompts you for a signature.

time to swap
that's it! Swap ETH for POME. No taxes, no hassle, altought watch out for slippage during market madness!

$POME contract address


Phase 1: Shitposts & Memes
Phase 2: Memes
Phase 3: More Memes

➼ No pre-salers to dump on you
➼ No VC's to dump on you
➼ No paid influencers to dump on you
➼ Pokememe is a community project - we will not pay listings and marketing efforts are voluntary from the community.

All rights reserved © 2024 Pokememe$POME is a memecoin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. There is no formal team or roadmap. This token is useless and exists purely for entertainment purposes only. Not affiliated with Pokemon or any meme project or artist. This token is simply paying homage to all memes we all love and recognize.